Stories & Poems:

"Into the Light of Things" in Wild Violet Literary Magazine

"Our Sugar Maple" in Bound off  Short Story Podcast: Issue  103

“a tree, a rabbit, and naiveté” in Burningword Literary Journal Issue 71

"undelivered" in River Poet's Journal Spring/Summer 2014

"Forgive me Mackinac, for I have sinned" in "Beneath the Lilac Canopy", June 2015

" a bicycle for Madeline" winner of the 2016 Scythe Prize for short fiction by Rusty Scythe

"Unfolded" in  Flash 405, June 2016

"hanged" in Carrier Pigeon 16

"the yellow sash" in Carrier Pigeon 16

"creed in the afterlight" in Carrier Pigeon 16

"Shenandoah blue" Ruminate Magazine's William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Finalist 2017

"the forsaken..." Etchings Press Chapbook Prize 2018

“Homecoming, and Going” in Faith, Hope & Fiction, November 2018

“Mother of a Hanged Girl” in Arch Street Press, November 2018

“From Under a Porch” in Sky Island Journal, Issue 7, Winter 2019

“The Kill” in 101 Words, February 2019

“Tiny Little Mirrors” in An Axe to Grind: The Darling Axe, March 2019

“Check Mate” in On Loss, an anthology, July 2019



Etchings Press

The Story Prize

On Loss, an anthology